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The Law Family


The honey originates from the Cloonmore Area near Lough Corrib in County Galway. Chris Law and his family have 19 hives, giving the beautiful native Irish Bee, the Apis Mellifera Mellifera a cosy home. It was inspired by the search for a natural pure food source. Honey is very beneficial for health, within one pot of honey is the nectar of thousands of flowers and plants, all with deeply nutritious properties. Chris had the vision to embrace the wisdom of the Bee to support his family and now a nutritious gift to the whole community!

'I've been keeping bees for 8 years. It started with the idea of having natural food for our then baby twins. I went to a bee keeping course in our local beekeeping club, The Connemara Beekeeping Club. The next spring I got my first hive of bees. 8 years later I have about 19 hives.'

Chris Law, Beekeeper, Cloonmore Honey

Cloonmore, Lough Corrib Area, Galway

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